Mendoza Sarah Jane Ramos, tutor in Kwai Chung
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我作為導師/培訓師/的優勢 * 擅長戰略規劃 * 熱情 * 善於發現學生的弱點 * 細心 * 善於製定目標




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Delia Memorial School (Broadway)


Community College of City University Of Hong Kong


Associate Degree in Social Science


I am a permanent resident. I was born and raised in HK. I graduated from Community College of City University in Social Science in 2018. After my graduation, I was offered a job at SuperPark Hong Kong as their Regional Operations Training Lead, my role required me to travel around Asia to oversee the newly opened Parks such as in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand; As one of my skill set as a strategic leader, I was in-charge of training Park Managers to Activity Crew regarding how operation would run on a daily basis, brand presentations, company policies, maintenance and much more. I prepare training plans and evaluation from Park Managers to Activity Crew. In addition, I oversee all the daily reports and monthly reports before presenting it to the CEOs and Directors of SuperPark HK. In my earlier years, I was working in different industries as I am keen to expand my career development. One of my first jobs was at Food & Beverage industries as a part-timer which taught me the importance of customer service, multi-tasking and problem-solving. I have met people from all walks of life that instilled me with the importances of communications and interpersonal skills. After 1-2 years, I was working in the Finance sector as a part-timer which taught me the importances of details, documentation and efficiency. This gave me huge confidence as I gained vital soft skills that I carried with me when I worked at SuperPark.


I have not tutor in a centre formally, but I have hosted camps and parties that is based on curriculum development. I was in-charge of giving students task to achieve their goal in the game and how to think strategically.


Primary, Junior Secondary




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