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ITS School Search Services Story

“ITS offers independent advice to parents so they can select the best schools for their child."

Anne Murphy

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Finding a school in Hong Kong can be difficult. I learned this in the summer of 2007 when ITS Tutorial School received numerous enquiries from relocation companies on behalf of relocating families who were waiting for school places.

Even though I had been an educator in Hong Kong for many years, I didn’t realise that so many parents were struggling to find school places and many children were not able to get into schools. I soon realized that relocating parents didn’t have the right tools or support to select the best schools. I was familiar with many of the international and local schools but researching the in’s and out’s was a long arduous task and after one year of research, building a rapport with admissions managers and other school personnel; we were ready to launch the school consulting services for ITS.

We primarily set up the services with relocating families in mind but I soon discovered that Hong Kong residents were also in need of advice in how to navigate the various systems. It was essential to make this process easier for families. After two years working with families from various backgrounds facing various difficulties in finding schools, our team of consultants who are also experts in various areas of education had taken our school search services to a highly sought-after service. We were able to offer our services to some of Asia’s most recognisable corporations helping their valued employees find the right schools for their children when relocating and we launched our consultancy services in Singapore in 2011.

Currently, we help families select the right preschool, primary, secondary school options and special need institutions. As well as this, we have experts who advise parents on selecting boarding schools in the UK, various areas of Asia and Universities in the US and UK.

The school search services were set up on the premise that every child is different and what suits one child does not suit the other. Our wide-ranging knowledge of education, our understanding of curriculum, exams, and, most of all, our satisfied school placement clients, have made us the trusted education resource in Asia, delivering peace of mind to parents who need to secure school places.

Our professional experience and research led to the publication of The Unique Asia Schools Guide which in 2016-2017 (8th edition) will cover international schooling in Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai, Beijing, Kuala Lumpur & Johor and Bangkok.

For help with any aspect of your school search, please Contact Us at [email protected], or call us at 852 2116 3916.

We look forward to assisting you.

Anne Murphy, Director

Anne has many years’ teaching experience from preschool to pre-university level. She understands the challenges of international relocation and has learned how to maneuver both the Hong Kong and Singapore school systems to find the right place for her clients’ children. Prior to working for ITS Education Asia, she worked at international and local schools in Hong Kong and as a part-time lecturer for Hong Kong University. Anne also held the position as education consultant for a large American-based consulting firm. Prior to moving to Asia, Anne worked in marketing and education in the US and Europe. Anne also has had many articles published in expatriate magazines and websites and her opinion is regularly sought by educational journalists.

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