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Y - Year end adjustments to YTD (Year to date) - Dictionary

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Year end adjustments – Is the process of adjusting the entry to an account at the end of the calendar or fiscal year in order to properly state it for financial statement preparation purposes. Types of required adjustments include accrual or deferral of a revenue or expense item, reclassification, adjustments to conform book figures to physical counts (i.e., inventory), and reflecting unusual transactions. 

Yield - 1. the return from an asset or service provided. Or 2. real rate of return to the investor or effective cost to the issuer of a security for a specified time period. It differs from the nominal interest rate.  Or 3. conceding a point to another party.

Yield to maturity (YTM) - Refers to the effective rate on a bond; also called the effective interest rate.

Yield variance – Is the effect of varying the total input of a factor of production (e.g., direct materials or labor) while holding constant the input mix (the proportions of the types of materials or labor used) and the weighted average unit price of the factor of production.

Yo Yo pricing: The practice of prices being artificially inflated to make later discounts look more attractive.

YTD - Year to date.

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