ANSARI AISHA , tutor in Kwai Chung
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1st Lesson Trial

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What do I enjoy most about tutoring?😁

I meet different kids of different personalities with different backgrounds. Each student is very special and dear to me and that’s what I enjoy the most about tutoring!

My Strengths as Tutor💪

I have fun and easy ways to learn which I think is most important for me to pass on to my students. They shouldn’t feel studying is a burden and rather enjoy learning!

Most important things I can do for a student🏅

The most important thing a tutor can do for a student is pass down important sets of skills and knowledge their students can use to do better in school.

Subjects Tutored🎓

  • English Language tutoring
  • English Literature tutoring
  • Maths tutoring
  • Science tutoring

Tutoring students in 👦 👧

  • p1
  • p2
  • p3
  • p4
  • p5
  • p6
  • s1
  • s2
  • s3

High School Attended

Delia Memorial School (Broadway)

University Attended

UOW College Hong Kong

Academic Achievements

Associate Degree of Science in Aviation

About Me

Hey, I’m Aisha and I’ve been a teacher for 3 years now. I’ve also been tutoring for 5 years now. I’ve tutored kids of different age groups from preschool up till secondary students. I have a very open and easy-going personality so my students get along with me really well which makes it fun for them to learn with me!


With an experience of 5 years, I’ll say I quite enjoy tutoring, I meet different students and all of them have different personalities and backgrounds. It’s really diverse which makes it so enjoyable.

What I can Tutor

Preschool, Kindergarten, Primary, Junior Secondary

Languages in which I can give lessons


Services I Offer

Online tutoring, Home tutoring, Library, Local venue