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Shoe Design Course-Fashion Shoes

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Course Descriptions

Course 1 - Basic Footwear Design
Learn the basic construction of shoes and how to design fashion and casual shoes, creating a concept and building a collection through different exercises. A collection of shoes (6 styles) will be designed and presented by each attendee.

Session 1:

  • Shoe Styles, Parts and Terminology
  • Shoe Deconstruction
  • Materials in Footwear
  • Shoe Lasts

Tools needed: A3 logbook

Session 2:
Foot Measurement

  • Sizes in Footwear
  • Sandal Mock-up Experiment
  • Folded Shoes Experiment

Tools needed: A3 logbook/drawing tools/cut & paste tools/Cardboard

Session 3:
Creative Shoe Design Exercises

  • Brainstorming
  • Shoemix Game

Tools needed: A3 logbook/drawing tools

Session 4:
Shoe Design Exercises- Fashion High Heeled

  • Drawing Techniques
  • Production Drawings

Tools needed: A3 logbook//tracing papers (A4)/drawing tools

shoes final output

Session 5:
A New Look for a Classic Shoe

  • Case study
  • Materials and Colors Research
  • Concept and Inspiration Development

Tools needed: A3 logbook/drawing tools

Session 6:
Design Direction Development

  • Exploring and Developing a Design
  • Exploring the Materials

Tools needed: A3 logbook/drawing tools

Session 7:
Collection Building

  • Build a collection of 6 designs
  • Finish the details

Tools needed: A3 logbook/drawing tools

Session 8:
Presentation of Shoe Collection
Present a collection of 6 designs in rendering sketches, which are created and built based on one concept.

  • A3 logbook
  • Concept Board, size in A3
  • Mood board: Material and Colour, size in A3
  • Collection Board, size in A3
  • 8 sessions (16 hrs) at HKD6400

shoes fashion design shoes fashion design

shoes fashion design

Course 2 - Shoe Mock-up/Prototype Workshop

This workshop is designed for those who have an interest in basic footwear design or have taken basic shoe design course and would like to experience an experiment of mock-up shoe making. Learn how to apply design to an existing pair of shoes and alter them into a new look. At the end of the workshop, a pair of shoes will be designed and prototyped. [Note: The prototype produced from this workshop might not be wearable]

Requirement: Bring one shoe design in the first session of Workshop.

Session 1: Design Direction
Share designs with the class and learn how to choose materials for upper, lining and outsole. Explore the patterns of designs and be directed to pick a right pair of sample shoes for the prototype. Tools needed: pencil/cut & paste tools.

Session 2: 1st stage Prototype
Paper Mock-up Experiment: Use paper to experience an initial prototype to gain a better understanding of construction of a shoe. A single paper mock-up shoe will be expected to be created.
Tools needed: paper/cardboard/cut & paste tools/a pair of existing shoes (similar to the design)

Session 3: 2nd stage Prototype
Explore ideal materials and be guided to transfer paper mock-up patterns into final materials. Tools needed: ideal materials/leather glue/cut & paste tools/ hand sewing knit.

Session 4: 3rd stage Prototype
Continue to develop the prototype.
Tools needed: ideal materials/leather glue/cut & paste tools/ hand sewing knit.

Session 5: Final stage Prototype
Finish the details of prototype and present it to the class. Tools needed: ideal materials/leather glue/cut & paste tools/ hand sewing knit.

5 sessions(10hrs) at HKD4000

Course 3 - Leather shoe making

Learn how to assemble leather into shoe panels, lasting the shoe upper to the shoe last and attaching the outsoles. Simple panels design can be adopted in the selected footwear style. Prepare own materials, tools and shoe last (will be briefed in the first lesson). Must have the prior knowledge and skill of sewing or have completed the course “Introduction to sewing”.

Lesson 1-2 Shoe pattern making, material preparation and apply simple design
Lesson 3-4 Leather cutting and testing seams
Lesson 5-6 Assembling leather panels and preparing shoe upper
Lesson 7-8 Lasting and shaping the upper into the shoe last
Lesson 9-10 Finishing, edge painting and sole attaching

10 sesstions (20hrs) at HKD8800

All courses:

Sessions to be taken from the following:

Morning session: 10am – 12noon
Early afternoon session: 1pm – 3pm
Late afternoon session: 4pm – 6pm
Evening session: 7pm – 9pm

We also offer customized schedules for private lessons.

Students can choose to attend more than one session a week if they wish.

Please note that in addition to the main ITS terms and conditions, fashion course have some additional conditions. Please read them here.

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