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Here are some of our most frequently asked questions but remember you can drop us an email at [email protected].

For general Faqs click a link below:

How much will it cost?
The price of your online education will vary depending on the programme you choose. For some guidelines on fees for live class A-level and International GCSE courses see here. Video-based course fees can be found here

How long should it take to complete my course?
Course length for live-taught lessons is very much your choice. However, International GCSEs have a minimum study time of 80 hours. A-levels have a minimum study time of 30 hours per module. It is up to you to determine over how many months this takes place, subject to the limitations of exam timetables and your teachers' advice. Video-based International A-levels are 30 hours per module. The time taken to complete depends on the package you sign up for. Higher level packages are more flexible and can be completed more quickly.

What materials do I need to buy?
For International GCSE and GCE/International A-levels, students will be required to purchase a textbook. Students will be informed of these texts when they choose their subjects.

What support will I receive from ITS?
ITS operates two learning models: courses based on live-class teaching and courses based on video-based teaching.

The live- class teaching is not a distance learning model, it is a full secondary education school providing face-to-face live teaching through a bespoke online platform which provides an amazing virtual classroom. Students enrolled in live classes receive personalized lessons in real time with their teacher and a full range of support materials. Reports, parent/teacher conferences, classroom exercises and coursework are all included. This is school like any other, it is just online. Students remain actively engaged in learning activities such as solving problems under the teacher’s supervision, or controlling a simulation installed on the teacher's computer.

Video-based teaching can be used as either a distance-learning model or a blended-learning model. Our Student and Scholar options are more distance-learning style. Our Mentor and Premiere options are a more blended-learning style. 

What are the benefits of taking the Scholar option?
The Scholar option allows you to review your video lessons as many times as you like and at any time compared to the Student option which is only run for a short period on a fixed timetable. You can also download and print the lesson notes for all your lessons ready for making your own additional notes during the lesson.

What are the benefits of taking the Mentor option?
With the Mentor option, you receive a free consultancy session to provide guidance on taking your exams and what progression you can make with them. During the course, in addition to the services provided to Scholars, you receive model answers to the homework and/or assignemnts set within the lessons. You also have access to a moderated forum in which you can share ideas with and ask questions of other students on your course.

What are the benefits of taking the Premiere option?
In the Premiere option you get a free consultancy to determine how you will use your A-levels to access universities in the UK or the US. For every unit or module on your chosen courses you will have five hours of scheduled, live one-to-one tutorial support with a subject specialist teacher. These allow you to cover areas of the unit you don't fully understand, get further revision tips, have more specific feedback on your assignments, and ask any other relevant questions of your subject teacher.

Do I have to have the same option for all of my subjects?
No. You can choose different options for different subjects.

I have started one option and wish to upgrade. What should I do and what will it cost?
First, send an email with your request. You can upgrade at any time. 

The cost will be the price of the new package minus what you have already paid. Alternatively, you can buy individual model answers, marking of assignments or single live tutorials as and when you feel you need them. 

Where do I sit the examinations?
ITS is an exam centre in Hong Kong for Pearson Edexcel IGCSEs and A-levels. Any student can come here if they wish. Alternatively, we will help you enrol at one of hundreds of Edexcel centres in the region.

For specialist entrance exams to UK courses run by the Cambridge Admissions Testing Service, again ITS is an exam centre in Hong Kong. Alternatively, we can also help you find ATS centres in other locations where you can sit exams after you have taken a preparation course online with ITS.

For SAT exams, students will have to enrol to sit the exam at an SAT exam centre. More information can be found here: SAT Testing for International Students.

For IELTS exams, students will have to enrol to sit the exam at an IELTS exam centre. More information can be found at the official IELTS website

If you have any questions about either the assessment or exam arrangements for the course you are interested in, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Where can I study from?
There are no specific geographic limitations, but the location needs adequate internet access and a time difference may be an issue for live classes. ITS main locations are in Asia but we are happy to take students from anywhere in the world.

>What equipment do I need to take an online course?
Live lessons: To participate in live lessons, all you need is the following:

  • A computer running Windows or Mac operating system with Google Chrome installed (the platform's tools are optimized to use the features of Chrome). (Download Google Chrome). If you can't download Google Chrome, don't worry, you can still access the course but just not use all of the classroom features.
  • Broadband internet access, the faster the better.
  • A headset - this will give much better audio quality.
  • A webcam is optional but not necessary.
  • If you only take a video-based course you do not need a headset or webcam.

Once you are registered for a course, please make sure you have the above in place. 

What are the features of my online learning account?
You will be accessing a Moodleroom Learning Management System. This allows you to view:

  • Your past and present courses
  • Next lesson details, timetable and resources
  • Your ongoing report, including homework scores if applicable
  • Access to video lessons based on your learning package.
  • Access to forum based on your learning package.
  • Recordings of all your past lessons (for live courses).

You can also:

  • Update your student account
  • Setup your PC & test audio
  • Access our Technical Support Site
  • Contact Student Support

How can I enrol?
Simply complete this short online form: https://www.itseducation.asia/online-form.php

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