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K - Kame to Kondratieff cycle - Geography Dictionary

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Kame – a short ridge or delta-shaped fluvioglacial deposit of sorted sand and gravel found on the floor of a glacial valley. They are deposited by sub-glacial streams issuing from the front of a stationary or retreating glacier.

Kame terrace – a ridge of sand and gravel found along the sides of a glacial valley formed from the collapse of fluviogalcial deposits in meltwater streams that once ran in the gap between the glacier and the valley sides.

Kaolin – a clay produced by the chemical weathering of granite through hydrolysis.

Karst – the landscape of carboniferous limestone including limestone pavement, swallow holes, intricate underground passageways and caverns and karst towers.

Karst tower -in areas of carboniferous limestone where certain portions of the rock contains fewer weaknesses, especially joints, then weathering of these portions will be slower than the surrounding rock mass, eventually leaving them standing separately as towers above the surrounding plain. Characteristic of Guilin in southern China.

Katabatic -a wind flowing down valley sides and floors, usually as air cools, condenses and sinks at night.

Kettlehole -a small depression usually found on the outwash plain of a glacial area and sometimes containing a small lake. As glaciers retreat, large blocks of ice detach and fall to the ground, embedding themselves to a certain degree. These blocks may then be covered in glacial and fluvioglacial debris which will form an even surface above. As the ice block melts, the ground above will subside.

Kinetic energy - lit. the energy of motion or movement. In geography, most commonly applied to the energy of moving water e.g. a river energy is a function of the volume of water and the velocity it moves at as it converts the potential energy it has from being above sea-level to kinetic energy as it flows back towards base level.

Knickpoint -the point where an old profile meets a new profile in a rejuvenating river.

Kolkhoz -a collective farm in the USSR.

Kondratieff cycle - a contentious economic theory of price behaviour.
Overview: http://www.kwaves.com/kond_overview.htm
Critique: http://www.lewrockwell.com/rothbard/rothbard44.html


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