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More than ever before, the children of today need to learn to be expert, lifelong learners and become creative, collaborative problem solvers in order to flourish in their future lives and careers. That is why a curriculum that provides students with plenty of opportunities to engage with as many challenges as possible is very important.  It is at Wycombe Abbey School in Hong Kong that students experience this type of vib . . .

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Online Schooling: smoothing choppy waters?

  Parents with children at international schools have seen a number of disruptions in the last year or so what with civil unrest and viral outbreaks. These add to the usual worries about whether the mainstream schools in your area offer enough choice or indeed the right options for your child. On top of all this is the question of mobility with expatriate families often having to move quite suddenly. When children get t . . .

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Moving to Hong Kong: Your Essential Checklist for Choosing a School

Whether you’re still considering a move to Hong Kong and haven’t yet begun a school search or you’ve recently arrived and need to fully understand the school options here, this checklist contains everything you need to consider before starting the application process.  Good luck settling in, and if you need any advice, we’re happy to help! . . .

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IB Diploma Results 2019: Hong Kong Students beat the world average!

CDNIS student, Eloise Fan, who achieved top score Remarkable scores achieved by Hong Kong students again this year - 34 students, including 20 from ESF schools, received full score (45/45 points). A total of 2,284 students in Hong Kong participated in the exams and globally (total of 29 schools). This year, students achieved an average score of 35.99 points, compared to 35.96 points in 2018, which is 6.37 points higher . . .

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Building a Strong Foundation: Promoting Student Well-Being at Stamford American School

As adults we are aware of the impact on our emotional well-being on our work, so we can’t be surprised that the same is true for our children whose primary job is to be a student. At Stamford, the Second Step program supports students both academically and in developing essential socio-emotional skills that they will need to navigate through life. BENEFITS: The program promotes skills for learning, empathy, emotion . . .

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