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Hong Kong education officials planning to transport cross-border students directly from checkpoints once classes resume around May 27th

Chan Ho-Him from SCMP reports that Hong Kong education officials are planning on 27,000 cross-border students directly from various checkpoints to their schools, and make coronavirus tests mandatory when classes r . . .

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Coronavirus - Hong Kong school pupils to be kept a metre apart, with half-day classes

Here is some more information on what a restart to schools is going to look like in Hong Kong. Hong Kong school pupils will have to stay about a metre apart from each other and will only attend classes for half a . . .

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With classes set to resume, Hong Kong's 27,000 cross-border pupils face commuting problems over quarantine rules

With all of our own problems it is easy to forget those members of our community that live across the border on the mainland. As this article from the SCMP highlights, many of those children who regularly need to . . .

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Hong Kong's direct subsidy scheme schools split on tuition for next year as parents struggle amid Covid-19 downturn

The corona virus has placed many families under financial strain. Jobs losses and businesses closing down has seen a huge fall in income for many. It appears, that for some parents at least, they will no . . .

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College choice - reopen and risk virus spread or face financial ruin

Like many other businesses during these times of pandemic and lockdowns, universities and colleges are facing difficult decisions on how long to stay closed. The balance between keeping people safe from disea . . .

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Jane de Graaff on her top tips for managing snack time (for children)

With children stuck at home from the pandemic many parents are finding it difficult to restrict how often their children are snacking. Here is a great article from giving some very helpful suggest . . .

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Sick of reading to your kids? Let Mary Poppins do it for you!

Many parents in these difficult times will be thankful of any help they can get that makes managing their children easier. It is great to see many celebrities stepping up to offer practical help to parents.  . . .

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Nearly half of men say they do most of the home schooling. Three percent of women agree.

It should come as no great surprise that in a recent survey on who does most of the home schooling a similar result is found to many other housework surveys.  Home schooling, the new parental chore brought a . . .

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