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OECD countries grapple with children's reading and math skills, mental well-being and obesity.

UNICEF reports that OECD economies are struggling, with Covid most likely to be cause in the unsettling findings. Key findings from the Report Card Mental health: In most countries, less than four-fifths of . . .

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Hong Kong's Sowers Action offers tutors, snacks and a safe after-school environment for underprivileged schoolchildren

The ability to spend time with their children when they get out of school – or hire someone else to do it – is a luxury many lower-income Hong Kong parents do not enjoy. Sowers Action, which has been . . .

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Blended learning the way forward - UK (Full article - PIE) Pandemic job cuts begin to hit graduate recruitment (Full article - THE) A nuanced view on screen time (Full article - Harvard GSE) 'Volume control' in . . .

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Australian business schools: will overseas students return?

Along with many other countries, and many other industries, the Australian education sector has taken a massive financial hit from the international travel restrictions that have led to overseas students not being . . .

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UNICEF: Latin America's children face major education setbacks from COVID

A very worrying article from Reuters reporting on a recent UNICEF report on how children from Latin America have been hit much harder by the pandemic than may other places in the world. Latin American children ha . . .

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Scotland becomes first part of UK to ban smacking

Scotland's ban on parents smacking their children has become law, making it the first part of the UK to outlaw physical punishment of under-16s. Parents and carers were previously allowed to use physical force to . . .

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UK: 'I'll stay but I'm not happy about it': Students on lockdown at university

As with the student interviewed for this article in The Independent the same dilemma faces many Hong Kong children studying in the UK - whether to stay or return. ‘I really don’t want to get stuck her . . .

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More Hong Kong secondary school students more stressed than last year, survey shows

It will come as no surprise that children in Hong Kong are feeling increased levels of stress associated with the pandemic and interruptions to their studies.  This article from the SCMP reports on a recent s . . .

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