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Australia: Maths enrolments at school still as bad as ever

This article from the  Australian Financial Review is commenting on the ongoing decline of Australian students choosing to study higher level maths subjects. Australia's "maths deficit" at school is dee . . .

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UK: University and college offers could soon be based on actual grades, UCAS says

The proposed changes to the university application system in the UK is of great interest.  For a long time now, students have applied with predicted grades which their schools have provided, 6 months or in so . . .

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How to talk about gambling with your kids

Gambling is a part of Hong Kong culture; it is safe to say that one is not far from a Hong Kong Jockey club or that most children are familiar of the sounds of mahjong tiles. Dan Steele a primary school teacher an . . .

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Hong Kong organisation pushing STEM learning for all

STEM education is increasingly gaining traction in Hong Kong as the government continues to emphasise its importance to future scientific and technological developments, but one non-profit group has note . . .

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Friday round-up - a range of educational highlights from around the globe

Reflections of a scientific humanist – review (Full article – The Critic) Growing acceptance of online education (Full article - THE) “Premium” visa services for UK-bound students (Full a . . .

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Playing outside is good for the kids.

The Science Alert website reports that an experiment in Finland proves that playing through the greenery in the undergrowth of a forest can change a child’s immune system. Daycare workers in Finland rolled . . .

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UK: The Guardian view on keeping schools open: not an open and shut case

Here is an interesting editorial opinion from the UK Guardian newspaper discussing the dilemma faced by the UK government in its deliberations on whether to close schools or not as a response to the late . . .

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Australia needs to boost spending on vocational education and training

An interesting opinion piece from The Australian newspaper on the need to increase vocational education and training in response to the damage caused to the economy by the pandemic. The country is . . .

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