Finding the GCE A Level Schools in Hong Kong

The General Certificate of Education Advanced Level (GCE A-level) is an academic qualification, and there are many A-level schools in Hong Kong. This qualification allows one to specialise in specific subjects at a more advanced level. In Hong Kong, Examination Boards, Cambridge International Examinations (CIE), and Pearson Edexcel provide these exams.

In Year 12, students begin the A-levels, divided into two parts: the AS-level (Advanced Subsidiary) and the A2-level (completed in Year 13). To receive the AS qualification, students must take an AS-level exam and the A2-level the preceding year. It is common for students to take 4-5 AS-level subjects in their second to last year of secondary school and then take 3-4 of those subjects at the A2-level.

A-level and GCSE retakes are an option for students who did not receive their desired grades, and if a student really wants to take a specific course at university, it could be worth retaking the exam.

List of A-Level Schools in Hong Kong

Students who wish to pursue these qualifications can study at:

- Diocesan Girls’ School
- Discovery Bay International School
- Harrow International School
- Kellett School
- Korean International School
- St. Paul’s College
- St. Paul’s Convent School
- YMCA of Hong Kong Christian College.

The GCE A-level in Hong Kong qualifications from an international school continue to be a very strong choice among students. The results truly reflect the exceptional education provided at A-level schools in Hong Kong.

Criteria for Choosing a GCE A-Level School in Hong Kong

Students can select various subjects based on their interests and career aspirations and develop specialised knowledge in areas they are passionate about or plan to pursue further at university. Want to know why these qualifications are the best choice? Find out in the next paragraph.

The A-Level schools in Hong Kong provide numerous advantages for students. Firstly, these programmes offer rigorous academic training that prepares students for university-level studies. By engaging with advanced subject content and assessment methods, students improve critical thinking skills and learn to handle the demands of higher education. Moreover, specialising in specific subjects through A-level programmes allows students to explore fields they may be interested in pursuing professionally or academically later on. Furthermore, schools offering A-Levels provide additional support services such as exam preparation classes or mentoring opportunities, which help boost student performance during exams. These resources contribute significantly towards academic success while fostering personal growth.

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