Finding the Best Primary Schools in Hong Kong

Getting into top primary schools in Hong Kong is a highly competitive process that requires early planning. Private primary schools do not simply accept a child based on the ability to afford the expensive annual fees. Some of the best primary schools in Hong Kong have gained their reputations due to student achievements, exam results, and the calibre of teachers they attract. Therefore, they want to ensure the students they admit can demonstrate strong potential and have the ability to cope within the school community.

The top primary schools in Hong Kong are the long-established schools which are in high demand. To name a few, English Schools Foundation (ESF), the Chinese International School (CIS), the Canadian International School (CDNIS), the German Swiss International School (GSIS), the Hong Kong International School (HKIS), and Kellett. Some of these schools have been in operation for 50+ years. Apart from these schools, some other new primary schools have gained great popularity for their unique teaching community and stellar programmes. Sending your child to a Hong Kong primary school is an outstanding experience, and the education in all of the schools is impressive.

Factors to Consider for School Admission in Hong Kong

Several factors should be considered as these will impact the admission process. Selective schools focus on academic performance. A student’s ability to excel academically and meet the rigorous demands of the most selective schools is important for these schools. Additionally, extracurricular activities also hold weight during school admissions. Participation in sports and arts showcases a well-rounded personality and demonstrates skills beyond academics. Students must prove their English and Chinese language aptitude (only for bilingual schools).

Strategies for Successfully Getting into Primary Schools in Hong Kong

The first step is to research suitable schools based on individual needs and your child's learning capabilities, language ability, and personality. Depending on the school and curriculum offered, the contents and structure of interviews and assessments vary between schools and grade levels.

The following tests and assessments are similar among most schools.

  • Pre-K-grade 2 (Year 3):
  • In-person screening assessment and play-based/group interview
  • Grades 3 – 5 (Year 4 - Year 6):
  • Measure of Academic Progress (MAP);
  • The Cognitive Abilities Test (CAT 4);

Finally, if your child is not offered a place, do not be discouraged. If you work with experts in the field, your chances of success are much higher. The education consultants at ITS Education Asia have the professional experience to help get those elusive spots.

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