Finding the Best GCE A Level Schools in Singapore

The GCE A Level Singapore education is offered by numerous schools in Singapore. Universities around the world accept it. AS and A levels are now new since 2015. They are closer in many ways to the original A-level examination. In Singapore, those with higher numbers of students from the UK tend to offer the GCE A Level—those with a higher number of international students lean towards International A Levels. A Level schools in Singapore are ranked as some of the best schools outside of the UK. What schools offer these qualifications? Here is the information

List of Top A Level Schools in Singapore

The largest international school offering A Levels is Tanglin Trust School also offers the IB Diploma Programme. About 50% of their graduating class each year opt for A Levels. Other A Level schools include Insworld Institute and SSTC International Academy, DPS International School, Dimensions High School, Furen International and Ascensia International School. Tanglin Trust is a selective school. Students who apply for Sixth Form and wish to study three A Levels - need to achieve an average B grade in Mock IGCSE exams with at least a Grade B in the subjects —an MYP grade of 5 or above. Other schools listed above expect students to have completed the Cambridge International GCSE programme or Pearsons. At Furen International, students must have completed Singapore Secondary Four, obtained a pass in an English subject at Singapore Secondary 4 level. In 2023, students from top international schools were awarded Outstanding Pearson Learner Awards and Pearson Excellence Awards for their exceptional performance in their GCSE and A-level exams.Students from Tanglin Trust School achieved the most awards with five students scoring the Highest Mark in the world and seven students achieving the Highest Mark in Asia. A further 130 awards were given to their students for their excellent results across various subjects. At Dulwich College (Singapore)four students received similar awards for attaining the highest marks in Singapore. At Dover Court International School, 27 students were recognised for their exam results.

Criteria for Choosing an A Level Schools in Singapore

There are many considerations which come into play when choosing an A Level Singapore education. First and foremost, it is necessary to check what subjects are offered. Choosing an A-level school is a crucial decision for any teenager who is entering Sixth Form. They need to select the right A-levels, which will ultimately help with entering the preferred courses at university. If they choose the wrong subjects, it could mean a potential loss at a uni place.Aside from academic success, looking at the school's extracurricular activities is essential. Why? Colleges want to see that students have an authentic passion. Each student needs to be unique. Demonstrate skills and passions by joining clubs, sports teams or school organisations.

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