Finding the Best British International Schools in Hong Kong

The British or English National Curriculum is a highly structured and popular curriculum in Hong Kong since it is in high demand. English schools in Hong Kong were established over 45 years ago; now, they offer primary and secondary education, catering to the diverse needs of the community.

Why is this so reputable and popular? Hong Kong families and expatriates respect the British education system, which has a long history of academic excellence. The English secondary schools in Hong Kong consistently produce graduates who excel in various fields. The schools employ high-calibre teachers, providing students exceptionally well for higher education.

List of Top British International Schools in Hong Kong

British School in Hong Kong list:

  • Anfield School: Pre-Nursery - Year 6
  • Discovery Bay International School: Pre-Nursery - Year 6
  • Discovery Mind Educational Organisation: Pre-Nursery - Year 6
  • French International School Hong Kong: Nursery - Year 13
  • German Swiss International School: Nursery - Year 13
  • Harrow International School Hong Kong: Nursery - Year 13
  • Invictus School Hong Kong: Reception - Year 11
  • ICHK: Nursery - Year 13
  • Kellett School: Reception - Year 13
  • Kiangsu & Chekiang School: Reception - Year 13
  • Lantau International School: Reception - Year 6
  • Nord Anglia International School: Pre-Nursery - Year 13
  • Oxbridge School: Year 1 - Year 6
  • Shrewsbury International School: Nursery - Year 6
  • Sear Rogers International School: Year 1 - Year 13
  • Wycombe Abbey School Hong Kong: Year 1 - Year 8
  • YMCA of Hong Kong Christian College: Year 7 - Year 1

Criteria for Choosing a British International School in Hong Kong

It’s very important to understand the details of the British Curriculum and what sets it apart from other excellent curricula. What do you need to consider, and what makes this curriculum unique?

Almost every British international school in Hong Kong has impressive benefits for students. Many British schools in Hong Kong offer the IB Diploma in the last two years. Another consideration is to inquire about the school’s alumni success, external exam results, and extracurricular activities. If you want a traditional British school, you would also be looking for specific leadership programmes and affiliations with schools in the UK.

Do you value British education as a journey or destination? If you plan to return to the UK, this curriculum is the perfect choice. But in addition to the possibility of transferring, it is important to know whether the curriculum is suitable for your child. As one of the longest-running international curricula in Hong Kong, it has shown to be a successful education system. The outstanding exam results, top university acceptance, and the quality of schools make this curriculum an excellent choice for parents.

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