Finding the Best Special Needs School in Hong Kong

If you are a parent who needs to find a Special Educational Needs (SEN) school in Hong Kong, you likely need clarification about where to turn for support. A special needs school in Hong Kong exists, from inclusive and specialized schools to rehabilitation centers, vocational training and others. Apart from choosing the right SEN school, you may also be looking for resources related to educational needs, such as ADHD and ADD. Finding the best support for your child is undoubtedly significant. International schools in Hong Kong have selective admission policies for children with non-mainstream needs, and only a few provide supplemental services. Don’t despair; there are quite a few, and these schools are excellent. Read on to learn more about the schools and what they provide.

List of Top Special Needs Education in Hong Kong

The Special Needs Education at International school are as follows:
- Australian International School (AISHK) – This is an inclusive school. Their Learning Enrichment team collaborates with teachers across all grades. There is a part-time speech therapist and pathologist on-site.
- Discovery Bay International School – This inclusive school provides Occupational and Speech and Language Therapy Services.
- ESF (English Schools Foundation) – Students are provided with Mainstream Placement with additional support. Or the Jockey Club Sarah Roe School, where students who require extensive support can be supported.
- Hong Kong Academy (HKA) – This school offers curriculum interventions delivered by educational specialists within eight tiers. From neurotypical students without specified support (Tier 1) to students who need more directed help (Tier 8).
- International College Hong Lok Yuen – This is an inclusive school. Two specialist teachers work in close liaison with classroom teachers to support children with educational or English language needs.
- The International Christian School – This school supports mild to moderate learning needs in their bridging program, Bridges.
- The Harbour School – This school offers individual or small-group classes to children who have specific learning disorders in academic areas.

Criteria for Choosing a Special Needs School in Hong Kong

Depending on the level of support your child needs, there are many institutions to choose from in Hong Kong. Special needs education in Hong Kong has profoundly improved over the past ten years, and schools are realizing that in-house support is essential for their diverse community of students. You must decide if you want to send your child to a mainstream school with relevant facilities or a specialized school tailored to their needs.

When evaluating educational options, investigate the approach of the principal, teachers and other staff. Look for a school where your child will feel safe and have their educational needs met. Visiting the schools and comparing the resources, facilities and services offered is essential. Call us if you are navigating the special education process or want to understand better what is available in Hong Kong. We can guide you professionally:

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