Head of School Toby Newton
Gender Co-Educational
School Type Secondary
Ages 11 - 18
Curriculum IB Diploma, IGCSE, EAL
Fees Years 7-8: HK$163,000; Years 9-11: HK$170, 800; Years 12: HK$182,000; Years 13: HK$182,000;
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Debenture Yes
Language of Instruction English
Application Dates 1 year prior to entry
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Address 60 Sha Tau Kok Road, Shek Chung Au, Sha Tau Kok, New Territories


ICHK has developed a unique curriculum for students: one that combines the best features from programmes around the world with elements of its own design and blends them into a stimulating, challenging learning journey.

Students’ experience of school is configured around the notion of an ‘epistemic apprenticeship’, which underscores the ways in which school provides guidance and role modelling for every aspect of students’ performance – including the academic, social, emotional and values-driven dimensions of their lives.

A unique and innovative Year 7-9 curriculum ensures that students develop resilience and the attitudes and mindsets that will underpin ongoing enjoyment of life, performance and success. All students, not just a minority, participate in the full range of activities – sports teams, drama productions, outdoor expeditions, service projects – which stretch and stimulate them as fully rounded learners.

All Year 7 students follow the ICHK Transitions course, which is an innovative programme designed to support them with their move to secondary school, together with a combination of established subjects including English, Mathematics and Science, along with courses like Human Technologies. These are steeped in educational research and help to ensure that students develop the skills to meet the challenges of a globalized and technology-centred economy.

In Years 10 and 11 students follow IGCSEs. The school ensures progression and continuity by building on the achievements of the earlier years and by preparing students for the rigours of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) offered in Years 12 and 13.

Students can also complete the Mastery Transcript in addition to the IB.

ICHK celebrates strong results, and graduating students have taken up prestigious universities around the world, studying Medicine, Economics, Theatre, Marine Engineering, Chemistry, Psychology, History, Biomedical Science and other courses.

Inside The School

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Specialist Programmes

Feature on Human Technologies

Human Technologies is the centrepiece of the ways in which ICHK continues to change education for the better.

The ground-breaking curriculum encourages students to experience school in more positive ways, whilst developing a profound sense of the art and craft of being human.

At ICHK the core aim is to educate students to be resourceful, resilient, collaborative, open-minded, ethical, accepting of others, sustainable in their habits, and more inclined to take the long view. The goal is for them to have a profound and positive sense of the art and craft of being human. This is the aim and the promise of Human Technologies.

All learning and teaching is framed through the HT lens, which offers a novel perspective on human beliefs, practices and activity.

The programme has been developed and refined over the past five years and is followed by students from Years 7-11 every week.

It suggests that what makes us smart is not our brains in themselves, but the fact that our brains – and the thinking they generate – are able to benefit from the accumulated wisdom of our peers and forebears.

In this view, language is a technology, mathematics is a technology, the scientific method is a technology. So, too, are conversational skills, giving constructive feedback, ‘selling’ a presentation to an audience and knowing how to enthuse people as a leader.

Handwriting is a technology, the ‘rules’ of good graphic design are a technology. Fashion is a technology to promote identity and money is a technology to promote trade. Mindfulness is a technology for mental health and enjoyable physical activity a technology for bodily health.

The HT curriculum engages with all these topics and more in entertaining, provocative and accessible ways. It encourages students to think critically about which technologies they want to use and how they might use them to best advantage. And, equally, to identify which technologies they would like to leave well alone and how to go about developing the self-confidence to act on their decisions.

The programme aligns perfectly with the Epistemic Apprenticeship which lies at the heart of ICHK, and by virtue of which the school creates and sustains a psychological and physical environment in which students want and are able to build towards being the best people they can be.

A significant point in the development of HT was marked in 2019, with the start of a PhD research project into the curriculum, and increased international attention from education leaders.

Human Technologies is available as a curriculum strand to any and all interested schools around the world.

ICHK is a community of innovation, which is attracting global attention for its cutting edge approaches to learning.

The school has been recognised by Cambridge Strategies, with inclusion in its list of the top 100 schools worldwide for innovation.

A Curriculum X framework encompasses everything that that ICHK offers beyond the traditional curriculum.

It includes Human Technologies, which is a ground-breaking curriculum encouraging students to experience school in more positive ways, whilst developing a profound sense of the art and craft of being human.

All learning and teaching is framed through the HT lens, which offers a novel perspective on human beliefs, practices and activity.

Curriculum X also features unique programmes including Free Learning, Deep Learning, Enrichment and Flow, Flexible Learning and Outdoor Learning, all of which serve to offer students more choice, more flexibility, different work practices and more opportunities to develop skills and attributes which are not addressed by examinations.

ICHK offers senior students the opportunity to attain the ICHK Mastery Transcript, as an additional qualification to the IB Diploma. It is one of a growing number of schools globally offering this qualification, and the first school in Hong Kong to graduate students with a MT.

Education Philosophy

ICHK's philosophy is grounded in the conviction that young people should be supported in developing their all-round characters, including but not confined to the academic dimension, so that they experience themselves as strong, confident, impassioned learners.

Designed and managed effectively, the secondary school experience should deliver both character and academic achievement, in the same child. At ICHK, this is the aim and the record of IB Diploma results is testament to the ways in which its methods pay off.

Achieving this requires a highly motivated and skilled teaching staff, and approaches which are founded in a culture which must be carefully nurtured.

ICHK believes that the way you teach students is just as vital as the content you deliver, and the learning experience is always a combination of both, taken together.

The holistic welfare of students is at the heart of the school’s philosophy and students are supported to adopt approaches to learning, and attitudes to challenge, which will remain with them for the rest of their lives.

Above all, ICHK is passionate about promoting a wider view of learning, which explicitly and deliberately searches for better ways to help young people learn and attain their ambitions and aspirations and explore and develop more widely the full range of their diverse talents and interests.

School News and Open Days

School News

An exciting new internship programme will be launched for Year 10 students.

The initiative will offer students valuable work experience and the chance to learn new skills at a range of organisations.

Partnerships have already been developed with the D H Chen Foundation, Crossroads, Zama Corps and Eco Sys, and more will be added.

Under the scheme, students in Year 10 will be offered the chance to spend one afternoon a week working with the organisations.

The optional work placements will be held during their weekly Enrichment & Flow lessons, and will be a valuable addition to their Mastery Transcript portfolios.

It will provide students with regular occasions to rehearse being happy, confident, intelligent, collaborative, dependable, considerate, gracious, self-motivating, ethical, proactive warriors, which is central to the ICHK philosophy.

In addition, it will offer them choice and invite them to take responsibility for their learning, a foretaste of the self-starting and self-regulating skills that they will need for IB Diploma and at university.

Why Choose International College Hong Kong

ICHK is a dynamic IB World School which is proud to embrace innovation in learning, and a unique and stimulating curriculum has been developed for students. The school is proud to be one of Cambridge University’s 100 most innovative schools in the world.

ICHK’s unique location provides students with unrivalled opportunities for outdoor learning. Classes are kept deliberately small as individual attention is key to the learning philosophy.

In Years 7 to 9 students follow an ambitious and challenging learning programme, with a focus on developing creative, collaborative and independent learning skills. This includes the unique Human Technologies course and opportunities for Deep and Free Learning. In Years 10 and 11 students follow a wide-ranging GCSE curriculum and start working towards the Mastery Transcript. Students in Years 12 and 13 qualify for the IB Diploma.

ICHK has created, and continues to evolve a school experience that best prepares young people for a rapidly changing world, and is proud to be pushing the boundaries and expectations with regards to what secondary education could and should offer young people.

Open Days & Seminars

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